Our Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) physicians have specialized training and skills to treat athletes and active patients who suffer from injuries or conditions related to physical activity.

During your consultation, you can expect a thorough review of your injury or illness and an appropriate physical assessment. Then, your doctor will use this information to provide a diagnosis and come up with an action plan for your rehabilitation. They may coordinate appropriate treatments with therapists, or if needed, order further investigations.

The benefit of seeing a SEM physician is that they can provide medical expertise to help with injury diagnosis, management and prevention. They work as a “quarterback” to help coordinate care and get you back to your active lifestyle safely.

Sport & Exercise Medicine Consultation
Our SEM physicians focus on:
  • The assessment and diagnosis of injuries relating to physical activity, exercise, sport participation and performance.
  • The management of medical conditions or illnesses affecting physical activity, such as arthritis.
  • Coordinating appropriate treatment plans with rehabilitation therapists to assist in symptom management and recovery.
  • Providing procedural services, such as certain musculoskeletal injections.
  • Promoting injury prevention relating to physical activity and sports.
  • Prescribing appropriate exercise routines and guidelines for optimal health.
  • All Physicians hold a diploma from the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine.
  • Physician consultations are covered by OHIP.